We are dedicated to providing a hassle-free living environment in which our tenants and owner occupiers alike can enjoy all of the benefits of premium complex building.


Our goal is to ensure a well-maintained and clean building and to provide a comfortable living environment for all residents.


In turn, this will create longevity with quality tenants and consistent rental income for landlords, a great working relationship with the Committee, happy and satisfied owner occupiers and ultimately a maximized prospect of capital growth for all members of the Body Corporate.


AUMR’s philosophy is to provide advancement opportunities for qualified staff that have the proven experience and capabilities to ensure efficient operation of the management right business. All staff are licensed in accordance with the Office of Fair Trading and receive ongoing professional development to ensure compliance with regulatory authorities as the highest standards.

The advantages of onsite management:

Quality Guarantee

The AUMR Group guarantees that you will receive the best possible care for your investment, ensuring the best possibly market return. You can rely on our years of experience in dedicated onsite management and strong track record.


Trade Support

AUMR’s reputation as one of Queensland’s leading property management entities has provided us with a network of tried and trusted tradespeople, to ensure your investment is always in the hands of expert care.


Local Knowledge

The presence of the AUMR Group within Brisbane will ensure that our knowledge of Inner Brisbane continues to grow with your investment.


24/7 presence

Onsite property management services guarantee a local, round the-clock presence watching over your investment. Emergencies, repairs and tenant issues can be addressed infinitely faster than if left to an external manager.


Onsite Maintenance

We employee an onsite maintenance person who can attend to problems in a timely fashion at a fraction of the cost a real estate agent would charge to send out a handyman.


Fostering the community of the building

AUMR recognizes that a sense of community is essential in blending the physical structure of the building with the human element, creating an environment for all to enjoy. AUMR’s onsite presence has the capacity to develop a lifestyle hub that embraces the communal sense that prospective tenants will want to be a part of.


Personalised Service

As the first point of contact, the AUMR building management team will come to know each and every owner and tenant, ensuring a personalized, qualitative method to caring for your investment.


Routine inspections

Before and after each tenancy, we undertake a comprehensive entry and exit condition inspections. These inspections details the exact state of the property at the commencement and finalisation of every tenancy. Quarterly routine inspections are central to the AUMR management process. If there are any issues of concern, you will be contact immediately. All historical reports are filed and available at your request.


Vested Interest

We have a vested interest in having the building fully occupied with good quality tenants, because it is our business, and because we also own property in the building.


Additional Services

We can offer other services such as cleaning, car park and storage rental to generate more interest and a higher return to the investor.